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I am honored that you have found yourself on my website.  I hope that you learn something that helps in your personal and business lives from my blogs, Mikeism's and book.  Finding joy in the success of others is what motivates me.  Please never hesitate to reach out  as I always respond!  

Best, Mike


Below is a sampling of Mikeisms that are the core of my coaching and mentoring approach.  My methodology is to  teach how to use situational awareness to predict business and personal probabilities.  "Read The Tape" to achieve your greatest potential professionally and personally.  The Mikesims within the book will shed light on the difficulties you'll encounter on your own path and the ways to effectively overcome them—and now you, too, can put them to use in your life.


From acclaimed entrepreneur Mike S. Shapiro  comes a powerful novelized approach to one’s business and personal life. Enjoy the main character Bennett’s journey as he learns from Mike, and follow his example to achieve your own greatest potential. 

This book is your toolbox, filled to the brim with Mike’s classic “Mikeisms” for every challenge you may encounter. Whatever it is, you will find ideas to approach life in a new way that is customized to each individual. Mike has coached hundreds of successful professionals using his storytelling methodology, and with Read the Tape, he has captured his stories and Mikeisms in a brand-new way. 

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Using Situational Awareness to Predict Business and Personal Probabilities

In  Read the Tape Mike S. Shapiro provides a powerful, proven, and fun approach to achieving your greatest potential, professionally and personally. Follow along with Bennett as he learns how to overcome the challenges along his transformational journey.  The “Mikeisms” within will shed light on the difficulties you’ll encounter on your own path and the new ways to effectively overcome them. Over the years, Mike has coached hundreds of people using his unique methodology. The lessons inside this novelized version of his own path to success can be customized to your own circumstances, enabling you to leverage opportunities and overcome adversity on your path to a more fulfilling and prosperous  life.

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When I first came to Newport Beach and got into the real estate business I was looking for an ideal mentor and company to kickstart my real estate career. Mike was extremely helpful from day one and made me feel at home right from the start. Ultimately, Mike was much more than just a real estate mentor and played a significant role in my personal development and growth in all areas of my life.  


I met Mike in the gym after already following him on Instagram. I could not believe how approachable he was and he wound up giving me his phone number. I texted him and he texted right back and we met for lunch. He has been my coach snd mentor ever since and I am so grateful for everything he has taught me about business and myself. Most recently he helped guide me through the sale of a business and I could not have done it without him.


Mike is the guy that everyone wants to know. He gives great, honest feedback that is hard to come by. His coaching style has helped me in all aspects of my life over the past 10 years.

     Hey Mike!
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